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We all know that LINE is where we spend our time the most; from chatting with friends, discussing work with bosses, and staying connected to brands.

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With >5 years in the market as LINE Official Developer Partner, our team are highly experienced in LINE ecosystem

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Integration with other platforms

Whether it be integrating the solution on other social medias, or internal operating systems, we have done it!

How businesses grow with LINE OA?

Not sure how it will work just yet? Look through our case studies below!

Zero-touch gas refill

Customer orders and pay for gas all without rolling down their windows!


Allow your salespersons to use LINE OA as a tool to close deals with customers

Online Insurance sale

Calculate and pay for your car insurance premium without any customer service support

Reward and Coupons

Customers can redeem coupons in their LINE OA, and use it in online shops

Customer service

Change name, address, request for documents – no more queueing with call centers!

On-LINE health diary

Record your health information and share only with your doctor, reducing time at the hospital

Get the most out of your social media today!


Omelet Social CRM

Have a lot of contents to broadcast on LINE but not enough time? Want to target your broadcast to only your member? Let us show you how!

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Service Booking

Client’s objective :

LINE OA feature that provides a seamless experience for users in refilling their petrol without the requirement of physical contact

Omelet’s deliverables

  • Design UX/UI for Shell’s LINE OA 
  • System development for users to complete process and payment via QR code which will then redirect users to Shell’s online gas ordering system


Agent Management

Client’s objective :

To develop Amway’s LINE OA to serve 4 strategic areas; Social Commerce, CRM, Personal Management, and Network Expansion

Omelet’s deliverables

  • Recommend and develop new LINE OA features based on strategic areas and customer behavior
  • Design UX/UI and interview Amway’s customers to test recommended features
  • Develop Dynamic Richmenu that allows multiple user types (Agents/Customers) to interact within a single LINE OA while collecting behavioral activities
  • Develop products purchasing function, basket recommendations and Agents’ goal tracking system


Online Insurance Sale

Client’s objective :

For TQM to be able to offer sales and services of insurance online

Omelet’s deliverables

  • Design UX/UI according to business requirements and redesign TQM’s customer journey to achieve higher efficiency
  • Feature #1: Insurance information varying from TQM’s packages
  • Feature #2: Checking user’s existing insurance information
  • Feature #3: Users can report claiming for incidents requiring insurance
  • Feature #4: Finding nearby auto repair garages


CRM & Rewards

Client’s objective :

Creating a personalized experience on LINE OA for Big Card customers 

Omelet’s deliverables

  • Design UX/ UI for BigC’s LINE OA, with different UI for each Big Card member tier
  • Connect BigC’s LINE Connect with BigC’s backend system in order to check member’s reward points 
  • Members can redeem and collect coupons in the ‘My Coupon’ function


Insurance Service

Client’s objective :

To provide Allianz Ayudhya’s service and insurance policyholders in LINE OA

Omelet’s deliverables

  • Design UX/ UI for all insurance service features; e.g. change policyholders contact information, online claim history, payment, etc. 
  • Develop a location search feature of nearby hospitals, auto repair garages, and service centers
  • Provide a feature to for users to easily download documents



Client’s objective :

Full loop LINE OA features to offer a safe and convenient service for lung patients during COVID-19

Omelet’s deliverables

  • Design UX/UI according to insight research of doctors’ interviews and clients’ requirements
  • Feature #1: Profile information of patients to integrate with BITH’s database
  • Feature #2: Scheduling system for each patient’s upcoming appointments
  • Feature #3: Develop a weekly oxygen tracking system for patients and data dashboard for doctors to review each patient’s status and input
  • Feature #4: Knowledge sharing of lung-care and useful insights

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